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It's strange, but I still find myself thinking of my mom whenever I am making photos. I lost her a few years back. I enjoyed sharing my photos with her so much.

There is beauty all around us. Some see it in the seasons, some see it in the sky, some see it in the common and some see it in the simple.

My gallery shows are always a complete mystery to me. In one, people will buy the playful expression of a goat while in another, shoppers carry away large canvas prints of beautiful sunsets behind mountains. That is why my online gallery is so varied. I'm hoping you might find something that stirs you.
ScottLinscottPhoto-171ScottLinscottPhoto-29ScottLinscottPhoto-205Pumpkin cartTrain at SunsetRam Island Ledge LightScottLinscottPhoto--6039ScottLinscottPhoto--6203ScottLinscottPhoto--6061Solitude-ScottLinscottPhotoTime for a drinkScottLinscottPhoto--606745454058422_2e520cabae_oAwaiting SpringScenic-LinscottPhoto-2982Going to marketOrchard afternoonJason Retires-3781Winter AfternoonScottLinscottPhoto-FORTIS-9

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