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Capturing portraits of families, couples, children, and high school seniors is one of my favorite things to do. I so enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories.

Family portraits tell stories and convey memories for decades to come. Portraits become more and more valuable each passing year.

It kills me to see so many families no longer printing their memories for display and instead keeping them on a variety of digital devices. If you come into my home you will see that we believe walls were created for art telling our stories.

I have a very talented infant photographer in the family who handles all infant shoots. Why? Simply, she is much more capable than I am when it comes to working with infants. I love assisting her and watching her grow. My daughter has her daddy's eye and, as a mother herself, is very comfortable photographing the tiny ones.

Portraits with character and personality tell your story. Let's make telling your story a top priority in the coming months.

Portrait shoots, on location at your favorite spot, at a relaxed pace, begin at $300 for families of up to 10 people and increase from there depending on your goals. Let's talk and get to work preserving family memories for a lifetime.
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