Every day is a bonus day.

Our story:

I married my wife, Robin in 1984 and we are still best friends today. Our family with our four grandchildren is our world. We love to travel together, explore, cycle back roads and learn new things. 

In 2012 all of what we had was threatened as liver disease devoured my liver. Thankfully, my oldest son gave me 60% of his liver in the transplant that gave me a second chance at life. Now, both Robin and I see every day as a bonus day.

My recovery has been remarkable! In fact, in 2015 I completed the 180 mile, 3 day Trek Across Maine bicycle ride with the American Lung Association to mark my third transplant anniversary. Tears flowed freely for both of us as I crossed the finish.

Our interests:

We share a strong calling to make our world a better place by serving people trapped in poverty. We have been to Romania, Mexico, Guatemala and have served in a variety of locations here in the United States. After Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, we were fortunate to help families reconstruct and rediscover hope on two separate group trips.

Of course, we also do all we can to help with Donate Life events promoting organ donation in addition to volunteering photographing a variety of charity events and community events. I am also a member of my local Rotary club.

If you would like to get into more of what motivates me and shapes me:



My love for photography began when I was about 13 years old and got a 110mm camera as a gift. My mother encouraged my efforts and said that I had a natural eye for the craft.

By the time I entered high school I had saved enough pennies to buy a fully manual, Minolta 35mm camera and handheld light meter. My high school had an excellent graphics tech school with a fully equipped darkroom and print shop. My hunger for improvement had me reading everything I could find and joining a local photo club. By my senior year (1981), I was photographing portrait sessions, occasional weddings, and doing publicity shots for local bands. In addition to shooting for the yearbook and school paper, some of my work appeared in the Lewiston Sun Journal. It was big deal stuff for a kid!

In 1981 I began my journalism studies at the University of Maine in Orono. During my years at UMaine, I took every photojournalism and photography course offered and enjoyed hours in the campus darkrooms. I served a semester as Photo Editor for the Daily Maine Campus newspaper before switching to a news/editorial focus. I followed up my photojournalism training by studying the Art of Color Photography and Print Making at the University of Southern Maine Art School from 1985-1987. It was at UMaine where I met and married my wife, Robin.

Today I shoot mostly with pro-level Nikon D850 and Nikon D800 DSLRs. My style is a combination of my photojournalism background and my art school training.

My Goal

I hope my images evoke emotion and give you pause whether you are looking at a camel in a desert, a child splashing in puddles or a grand, old church that has welcomed thousands of people over her years. My galleries admire the beauty of nature, capture the essence of life and display both wonder and pain.

If something stirs you or gives you pause, I would love to hear why. [email protected]

Children's Author
A most recent development came by surprise as one of my first-graders told me that neither she nor I could ever be an author. As a weekly literacy volunteer in one of our local elementary schools, I help children develop their reading skills. Little Zivia, one of the cutest peanuts you could ever meet, refused to believe me when I told her she could be anything she put her mind to. I told her I would prove it to her by reading a book I had written and produced at our next session. "I'm Just a Dog" came as a result.

Now my grandchildren are putting in their requests and feeding me book proposals. We'll see where this goes but even if it only results in Grampa's books being passed down to future generations of my family, it will be time well spent.