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Thanks for taking a look.

Robin and I would love the opportunity to capture your memories. We are loving life and enjoy the fact that our photography talents open doors for us to take part in so many of life's celebrations.

We specialize in wedding and portrait photography throughout Maine and the rest of New England but are glad to travel having photographed destinations from Maine to Florida to Hawaii. We are incredibly blessed to do what we do.

Our story:

We were married in 1984 and are still best friends. We love to travel together, explore, cycle back roads and learn new things. 

In 2012 all of what we have was threatened as liver disease devoured my liver. Thankfully, my oldest son gave me 60% of his liver in the transplant that gave me a second chance at life. Now, both Robin and I see every day as a bonus day.

My recovery has been remarkable! In fact, in 2015 I completed the 180 mile, 3 day Trek Across Maine bicycle ride with the American Lung Association to mark my third transplant anniversary. Tears flowed freely for both of us as I crossed the finish.

Our interests:

We share a strong calling to make our world a better place by serving people trapped in poverty. We have been to Romania, Mexico, Guatemala and have served in a variety of locations here in the United States. After Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, we were fortunate to help families reconstruct and rediscover hope on two separate group trips.

Of course, we also do all we can to help with Donate Life events promoting organ donation in addition to volunteering photographing a variety of charity events and community events.


What about photography?

With the digital revolution, "professional" photographers are now a dime a dozen. With a modest investment, a template website and a free Facebook page, thousands of people now call themselves "professional photographers" and charge for services with no training whatsoever. Most are uninsured, lack experience and don't have the backup cameras, lenses and lighting equipment of true pros.

It takes much more than a fancy camera to make great photos just like it takes more than a fancy brush to paint beautiful pictures. Wedding photography requires so much more than snapping pictures. True professionals capture excellent images, organize shoots, manage schedules and direct crowds to make sure they meet the goals of their clients.

As a member of Professional Photographers of America and the Maine Professional Photographers Association, my style is a combination of my photojournalism background and my art school training. I capture memories in stunning ways. That requires some photo-journalistic shots, some artsy shots and a careful mix when making photos that will be treasured for decades to come. I am a photographer who uses a variety of tools and approaches to best produce the results you'll treasure for years to come. Robin, as a second shooter, has also developed incredible skills while shooting with me over the last several years. She started out simply working as my assistant switching out batteries, changing lenses and setting up lighting. But that transitioned into more of an apprentice position where she quickly learned the keys to creating strong images.

As the lead photographer on our team, my formal training includes a photojournalism concentration as part of my undergraduate Journalism degree from the University of Maine. After I completed my BA, I went on to study color photography and print making at the University of Southern Maine Art School. Since the tools and methods of photography are continuously evolving, I enroll in continuing education classes each winter studying new lighting techniques, advances in software and the newest trends and techniques in order to stay fresh.


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